Welcome! I'm Alyssa, a food lover with a messy kitchen and a photography passion. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but have been calling Charlotte, North Carolina "home" since '98. My husband, Kevin, and I live together in the Steele Creek area where we dream of starting a family and creating as many memories as these walls will hold. We're proud fur-parents of a rescued German Shepherd/Rottweiler, Boone, and a rescued German Sheperd/Lab, Jagr, and can't imagine our lives without dog hair and drool. Although, I do spend a solid 10% of my time ensuring it's out of my kitchen. 

I'm a Brand Manager by day and a side-hustler by night. My once corporate goals drastically changed when I met Kevin, so here I am chasing my dreams and striving to find balance in life!

When I'm not working you can find me somewhere near food. To me, it's more than just what you're consuming; it's an event. Time spent enjoying, unwinding, conversing and loving. Food brings people together, it always has and always will. I created this little blog to inspire you to bring those same emotions to your table. You'll find I mostly focus on healthy, filling, time conscious and budget friendly meals, but there will be a few outliers too.

I started Lightweight Plate exclusively as an Instagram account in early 2017 and have found that my interest in food and photography have only increased since. I decided to take a little hobby of mine and start investing, expanding and inspiring!